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Ferletta Textile & Trade

Ferletta Textile and Trade is a highly successful textile agency which is based in Izmir in Western Turkey. With 20 years of experience, we
are able to produce garments of the highest quality at competitive prices, with very short delivery times - at all times ensuring the

highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our position in the local industry in İzmir allows us to work closely with a range of factories to commission the production of knitted
and woven garments; we have expertise in all areas of production and we are able to maintain tight quality control  through all stages
of the process, from commissioning through to shipment.

Our end-product customer base encompasses the full spectrum of the European market - boutiques, chain stores and  wholesalers.Our
experienced crew is based on good management, quality controllers and a full running office where you always get your questions answered.

We start with preparing the collections and proceed with the production range of the goods where every single step is getting controlled
till the finish range in coordinated work provided from the office staff inside and from the quality control staff outside according to the
instruction of our customers. 

We serve; searching sources, designing, sampling, production for knitted wear, woven wear, leatherwear, accesories as belt, bag etc. İn
all sections as apparel of men, women and children in a wide range as smart, casual, outerwear etc.

From the first idea for a collection to delivery of the finished goods, many work stages are needed in which we would like to guide you
on the safest way. 
We are able at any time if there is anything you wish to discuss or if you have any questions, requirement or suggestions  please do not

hesitate to contact us; alikesici@ferletta.us

As a true solution provider, Ferletta Textile and Trade offers a set of services in organization: therefore it is like many companies working as one.

For woman;
in woven material,shirt- blouse- skirt- pant (denim or non denim) short
in knitted material polo shirt, t shirt, sweat, hoodie, legging,
leather and bridal dress and night dress.

For man;
in woven material,shirt- pant (denim or non denim) short
in knitted material polo shirt, t shirt, sweat, hoodie, legging,jacket
leather and suit.

For  kids and baby;
In woven and knitted any kind of garment.
Organic products,fabric in roll, ready for cutting.
Nursery items,towell, bed linen …

The "power of partnership" is the essence of Ferletta Textile and Trade where main objective is to increase it's clients  sales and profitability.

Buying; Design Package Development, Production Follow-Up, Critical Path Management.
Production; factory production planning, work on it capacity and abilities of factory.
Quality assurance;final & inline control, factory training.
Sourcing; factory, fabric, trim …any kind of sourcing.

We have no minimums.Try to find any solutions.You can order 100-150 pcs/variant stripped fabric. We can produce.No limits no minimums.
Proto in 3 days,SMS in 10 days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in any case.

Please follow our contact details as shown below;
Person ; Ali Kesici (Mr, Owner- Director)
Mobile 90 530 784 96 71 (Turkey)
Skype ali.kesici
HQ Koruturk Mh Bora Sk No 15 D 9 35330 BALCOVA IZMIR TURKEY
VAT 4229533562